Wunder-baum little trees

Little tree

WUNDER-BAUM It’s a classical example, then product grow over brand. Does anyone know how wunder-baum logo looks? No, everybody knows only scented pine tree.
Wunder-baum, magic or little tree is iconic brand of scent and known all over the world. Little Trees are often promoted through motorsports and movies.
A chemist Swiss-born bussinesman Julius Sämann, while deep in the Canadian forest, spent years of research, developing a method to extract essential oils from pine needles. This discovery allowed him to create a technology to create a small but long-lasting air freshener in 1952.
Inspired by the Northern forests, Julius Sämann gave his product the shape of a pine tree. It’s shape become a synonim of car-refreshener. So it’s nothing surprising that lot of counterfeiter appeared.

Credits: The Tree design and Wunder-Baum are trademarks of Julius Sämann Ltd. © 2009