le coq sportif

le Coq Sportif – The Athletic Rooster, is a French sports equipment manufacturer. Established in 1882 Romilly-sur-seine by Emile Camuset. In most cases triangular logotype with gallic rooster, national symbol of France. le Coq Sportif has always been connected with great teams, players and events throughout its rich history. le Coq Sportif is inherent with football, tennis and rugby national teams and certainly Tour de France. Thought all these le coq sportif logo haven’t changed much and maintained same visual objects. Le coq sportif present an elegant worldview with the fresh edge that is a hallmark of the times. Not something new for its own sake or superficially unique but something contemporary and elegant that becomes a new value for the next generation.


Credits: LE COQ SPORTIF is a trademark of LCS INTERNATIONAL B.V.